Homosexual Marriage Vote

McCain Votes for Gay Marriage. Read his full statement. He claims the constitution is too sacred a document to mess it up with such unimportant stuff as protecting the most essential unit of society. He’s again sucking up to the media and the libs while citing higher moral virtue. He’s also giving republicans a rationale to vote against the amendment, but no matter the reasoning he knows, as does Kerry and Edwards, that if even one state persists in legalizing homosexual marriage, the rest won’t be far behind. Tell him what you think.

Edwards and Kerry Abstained (and The Wired Catholic thought abstinence was old fashioned! Live and learn.) What saps Kerry and Edwards must take the American public for.

Here’s the full list of voters.

And a good article.

Father Death Advises Candidate Kerry

Father Drinan made a name for himself when in the 1970’s as a Catholic priest and elected US house representative he voted to fund the killing of babies in the US Congress. More recently he campaigned for partial birth abortion:

“In the United States even many liberal Catholics support Church teaching about abortion. It was therefore shocking that one of [Clinton’s] strongest defenders was a Jesuit priest, Father Robert Drinan, who published articles in both the National Catholic Reporter and the New York Times attacking the [ban against partial birth abortion bill] and praising the President for having vetoed it. Such open partisanship is unusual among American priests, but it was not surprising in view of the fact that Father Drinan himself for ten years (l97l-8l) served in Congress, as a Democrat, and that while there was perhaps the single most reliable supporter of abortion “rights.” In l970 Drinan was a well-known priest-lawyer and an official of Boston College. “
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Amazingly enough after being booted out of congress by Pope John Paul II, Father Death became one of the only priests (if not the only) who teaches at Georgetown Law Center. Oddly enough he wears his clerical garb and most of the students there who happen to glimpse him in the hallways assume he is a kindly, quaint relic of the Church serving as the school’s token priest.  The old man advises the ethics journal there, proudly supports abortion rights (what self respecting Georgetown Law prof wouldn’t?), and is revered for his human rights work. All except for the unborn.

Now Father Death is a Kitchen Cabinet advisor to John Kerry, the model Catholic.

Amazed that Fr. Drinan is at a major Catholic university? Obviously, you haven’t been paying attention.