The Population Implosion

The Population Implosion “The world needs to take urgent action to cope with the impact of a rapidly ageing population, according to a new report, which forecast that the number of people older than 60 would surpass one billion within a decade,” reports Londons Daily Telegraph:A major study published by the United Nations has warned that the growing numbers of the elderly presented significant challenges to welfare, pension and health care systems in both developing and developed nations. . . .Calling the ageing demographic a “megatrend that is transforming economies and societies around the world”, the report estimated that one in nine people of the worlds population of seven million [sic] are over 60. . . .China was praised by the report for introducing a national pension of £5 a month, but for every developing country that does have some kind of similar scheme, there are nine that do not.The report expressed concern “about the multiple discrimination experienced by older persons, particularly older women, including access to jobs and health care, subjection to abuse, denial of the right to own and inherit property and lack of basic minimum income and social security.”No doubt these are worthy concerns, and the report also notes that “increasing longevity is one of humanitys greatest achievements. People live longer because of improved nutrition, sanitation, medical advances, health care, education and economic well-being.”But the aging of the population is caused not only by advancements in longevity but also by a shortage of young people–which is to say, declines in fertility. Sometimes–and China is the most obvious case–this is an intended consequence of public policy designed to avert “overpopulation.”

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Gianna Jessen

I just bought the October Baby Soundtrack – and noticed that Gianna Jessen sings one of the songs Ocean Floor and it’s beautiful. You can download from itunes for 99 cents or buy the album at amazon or itunes.

Who’s Gianna? One of my absolute favorite beautiful people and the inspiration for October Baby.

Part 2.

Gianna – Aborted and Lived to Tell About it.