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McCain a Conservative Pro-Lifer? (probably) NOT!!

For those of you who think McCain is a good pro-life conservative here are some articles to digest:

From the National Right to Life Committee:
McCain Makes Conflicting Statements on Abortion

From Slate Magazine:
The Closet McCain – Psst … he’s not really a conservative.

And then there’s the temper:

Here’s another right wing rant against McCain

When a liberal friend of mine (who’s voting for Hillary) stated early on she thought McCain would be the Republican nominee she was just reiterating what the liberal media thinks Republicans would choose. She obviously has no idea the bad taste that McCain leaves in a lot of conservatives mouths.

Having said that, I would probably grit my teeth and vote for him if he was the nominee. He probably would do the right thing in the end on at least the prolife issue. I just don’t think he’s going to make it. And the conservatives won’t come out for him – and no Republican is going to win against a half-way decent opponent (read Obama) unless there’s an energized base. Like it or not the conservatives (and mostly religious) are the energized base of the Republican party that make the difference on election day. The ones who make the phone calls, get the people to the polls, etc. Not just the ones who pull the lever on voting day.

Fred, Mike Hucklebee and Mitt the Mormon

Ok, the Iowa caucus is done. Here is my rant: the only true pro-life conservative in this race is Fred Thompson (solid conservative, 100% pro-life.) GO FRED!! (by the way I donated to Fred long before the NRLC endorsed him). It is patently obvious that the guy is the second coming of Reagan. He’s articulate, smart, has real presence and is the only one that has proposed solid conservative answers to a range of problems. It’s amazing to me that conservatives would rather choose Huckabee or Romney over Fred. So why can’t the Republicans get behind the guy? That I can’t figure out. It seems the only complaint against Thompson is that the he’s been running a LOUSY campaign (at least that’s what the press says).

But assuming Fred continues to run a lousy campaign, my second choice is Mitt. Now I’m a little wary of Mitt because of his pro-abortion position as a governor and his shifting positions (was it a flip-flop or a conversion?) However, I can forgive him if I have no other choice, he’s a politician after all (George Bush Sr. had similar problem before he ran). I suspect that his Massachusetts stand was more a cave-in to the liberal electorate of Mass. and doesn’t really represent his real views. And maybe he really did have a true change of heart as he claims after he had to address the stem-cell issue. Anyway, that’s my hope.

Mike Huckabee is a likable fellow but I don’t like his class warfare rhetoric (main street v. wall street), nor neophyte rhetoric on foreign policy and Iraq. His surge in the polls recently and his win in Iowa I suspect may be propelled by (i) the media hoping Republicans will be dumb enough to nominate him (now of course, the media may be wrong, it could be Huckabee could actually win over enough Dems in the general election to win, he does give good stump speeches), and (ii) evangelicals’ anti-Mormonism. I hope that (ii) isn’t right but I’ve heard quite a few anecdotal anti-Mormonism references in the press and elsewhere to support it. And the fact that I’ve heard MANY callers to talk radio talking about how they are going to vote for “Mike HuckLEbee” (sic). If you can’t say his name correctly, I’ve just got to believe that the only reason they are supporting him is that he’s an evangelical and he’s not Mitt the Mormon. Here’s one of those anecdotal references (excerpt from tonight’s Wall Street Journal) :

“His belief is my belief,” said Carole Schafer, 79 years old, of Urbandale, who was decked out in a pink jacket as she prepared to caucus for Mr. Huckabee. While she thinks Mr. Romney “looks like a president” and is “qualified,” she had reservations about his Mormonism. “I’m not sure about his faith,” she said.”

Now what does that mean??? I MEAN FOR PETE’S SAKE WHAT HAS MITT’S MORMONISM GOT TO DO WITH ANYTHING??!! I’m astounded at the bigotry. The fact is that the guy is a moral family guy, has five kids, and is religious. His Mormonism isn’t going to affect anyone negatively. It’s sheer bigotry that goes a long way toward reducing my respect for the evangelical voter constituency in the republican party (which respect up to now has been high and far higher than any respect I have for the typical Democrat catholic voter who willingly shoves the unborn child aside to chase the next big government handout). I just hope it’s not true of 99% of the evangelicals out there and they are opposing Mitt for other reasons (like his shifting stances on abortion and gay marriage which to me are his biggest problems).

Giuliani – Abortion Candidate/Abortion Provider

Giuliani says he “hates” abortion, but has given money to the biggest chain of abortion clinics in America – Planned parenthood.

Drudge is linking to the  following on his site from the

Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani in his campaign appearances this year has stated that he personally abhors abortion, even though he supports keeping a legal right to choose. But records show that in the ’90s he contributed money at least six times to Planned Parenthood, one of the country’s leading abortion rights groups and its top provider of abortions.

Federal tax returns made public by the former New York mayor show that he and his then-wife, Donna Hanover, made personal donations to national, state and city chapters of Planned Parenthood totaling $900 in 1993, 1994, 1998 and 1999.