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Will Faithful Christians Have a Home in the Post- Bush Republican Party?

Drudge is reporting that Ashcroft may be stepping down as Attorney General. The Extreme Catholic is speculating on a role for pro-abortion, pro-homosexual rights Guiliani in the Bush administration (maybe attorney general or homeland security chief?) and a 2008 Guliani run. The Extreme Catholic suggests Bush will dispose of the abortion issue by packing the court with pro-life judges.

This is wishful thinking. First, Guiliani is both pro-abortion and pro-homosexual rights. There’s no way he’s going to have limited impact on the nation’s agenda in these areas. Second, there’s little chance that Bush will get a pro-life court (i.e., a court that will allow more state restrictions which is the best that can be hoped for). Reagan and Bush, Sr. failed to do it after a combined 12 years in power and both appointed pro-abortion justices (O’Connor, Kennedy, Souter). The Democrats will fight their hardest to make sure that any nominee either supports abortion rights or has never said anything about it. Arlen Specter (a pro-abortion Republican from Pennsylvania) has already vowed to shut out pro-life justices – a nice slap in the face to Dubya after his support of Specter in a tight primary race. It’s unlikely Bush will go to the mat for a pro-life justice – the only hope is that he can outmanuever the Dems by either appointing a minority or picking a “sleuth” candidate (who 90% chance will be pro-abortion in the end). The democrats so far have not shied away from ferocious attacks on Bush’s minority judge picks.

And let’s not forget that the President does far more on the abortion issue than just pick Supreme Court justices. He picks all the other federal judges which can have a huge impact on not just abortion, but euthansia and assisted suicide cases. In addition, there are a slew of executive actions that a president can implement, enforce, or block – ranging from the Mexico City policy to funding abortions in military hospitals, to representing a pro-life, pro-family position with the United Nations. In addition, Guiliani will work aggressively to soften up the Republicans for more candidates like himself. We DON’T need a pro-abort, pro-homosexual Republican president. Not to mention that such a precedent would utterly destroy the party’s core platform beliefs opening up carte blanche the Republican party to similar candidates in the future – a one-time exception for Guiliani just won’t work. Flirting with the idea of a pro-abort, pro-homosexual rights Republican nominee is dancing with the devil. I predict a rather large schism in the party if this occurs and defeat for many years to come for the Republicans (the evangelical and southern vote will disappear – no matter his vaunted heroism Guiliani is a liberal politician from the Northeast). He might be a nice guy but a New Yorker such as he will be unwelcome in the heartland of America. The Republicans can do without him. In my opinion Giuliani and Schwarzenegger represent the biggest threats to the Republican party’s survival as the last holdout of decency.

Homosexual Marriage Vote

McCain Votes for Gay Marriage. Read his full statement. He claims the constitution is too sacred a document to mess it up with such unimportant stuff as protecting the most essential unit of society. He’s again sucking up to the media and the libs while citing higher moral virtue. He’s also giving republicans a rationale to vote against the amendment, but no matter the reasoning he knows, as does Kerry and Edwards, that if even one state persists in legalizing homosexual marriage, the rest won’t be far behind. Tell him what you think.

Edwards and Kerry Abstained (and The Wired Catholic thought abstinence was old fashioned! Live and learn.) What saps Kerry and Edwards must take the American public for.

Here’s the full list of voters.

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