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Had a great time talking to Greg Daly of the Irish Catholic

We can't let the haters win
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ACTION ITEM! Urgent prayer request for a priest

July 15, 1918: Second Battle of the Marne Begins

'St Swithin's day if thou be fair''
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What priests can ' with credibility ' do in marriage preparation

Marxism: Been There, Done That

French stones and soutanes

We can’t let the haters win

Scientific advances work as “anchors” to longstanding moral and ethical arguments against abortion

Dr. Jérôme Lejeune and “the symphony of life”

When a Friend Is Considering Abortion

Pro-abortion writer laments the power of “cutting edge science” to aid the pro-life cause

South Carolina Citizens for Life Commends Gov. McMaster for Continuing to Defund Abortion in SC

Reassuring her there is always hope and she is not alone

The lethal “ethics” of Nazi doctors

Winnipeg man sentenced to three months in horrific elder abuse case

Director of Neurobiology on life beginning at conception

VICTORY: Planned Parenthood of Indiana permanently closes Fort Wayne facility

PPFA vows digital attack on Judge Kavanaugh, WaPo publishes absurdly out-of-proportion story

The Wineskins make some great music

We can't let the haters win

Mary Pezzulo of Steel Magnificat could really use your help

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